FedEx Overnight shipping

October 11, 2016


b2ap3_thumbnail_FedEx_Front.pngEDS is pleased to make available, standard overnight shipping service through FedEx for the low fee of $25 per package, billed (by EDS) to your account.

3 Easy Steps to Follow:

1. Contact EDS by phone or email and request a supply of pre-printed FedEx standard overnight shipping labels.


2. Use the FedEx online service to create and print a standard overnight label from your computer. Just call EDS for our FedEx account number, mark “bill recipient” and enter our account number on the form.

3. Follow the instructions below for packaging your samples.

We offer the following guidance for proper and efficient packaging, all relative to the number of samples being sent:

  • Place each sample (with secured cap or lid) in its own zip-able plastic bag that contains some type of absorbent material (such as a folded paper towel) in the event of breakage.
  • Place the bag(s) into a small box with an ice pack (separate bag) and padding material.
  • Try to keep the total weight to less than one pound. Note that for large quantity submissions, please contact the lab first for packaging advice.
  • Place the box into a lab-pack envelope, attach a pre-printed label and schedule a FedEx pickup.

Shipping FedEx for Saturday Delivery
Shipping FedEx for Saturday Delivery
744 FedEx Overnight Shipping
744 FedEx Overnight Shipping
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