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July 31, 2015

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Let the experts evaluate your glass damage to keep your projects running smoothly.

At GlasWeld, we specialize in helping you resolve your scratched glass issues quickly and professionally. We draw on a team of expert staff members to travel to your problem location, assess the damage, evaluate repair options, and provide you with a meticulous report of findings. We can even help to determine a cause and prescribe a remedy.

Read about some of our high-profile projects below.

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Cosmopolitan – Las Vegas

Glass scratch repair becomes especially important for complex architectural projects that must meet a tight timeline for a grand opening. This was the case with Las Vegas’ newest and hippest billion-dollar casino, the Cosmopolitan. The towering structure utilized a lot of custom glass manufactured in China. Between manufacturing, shipping and installation scratches developed. Some replacement glass was available, however, not enough—and not for the various custom sizes. Since there was no time to order replacement glass, GlasWeld was brought in to prepare a glass scratch repair plan that would allow the casino to open on-time.

#GlassScratchRemovaltoolsGlasWeld moved quickly and developed a plan that entailed training Union glaziers on the use of our products and techniques then overseeing glass scratch repair for more than six months and 30, 000 man-hours.

Thanks to our efforts, the Cosmopolitan opened on-time with the fanfare needed for its success. And, the casino came under budget for original glass replacement costs.

Whistler Ski Resort – Vancouver, Canada

Ranked the number one resort in North America, Whistler is known for their two majestic mountains, epic skiing and snowboarding—and for their PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola lift. As an engineering feat, the Gondola lift serves as the longest and highest unsupported lift in the world.

Amid one of the resort’s busiest seasons, GlasWeld was called to offer guidance in repairing etched graffiti on the popular Gondola lift. Because the PEAK 2 PEAK is very large and uses custom Swiss laminated curved glass, the resort wanted to repair it—especially because they knew it could happen again.

To tackle the repair and save the resort from costly glass replacement and loss in tourism, GlasWeld ran an intensive, all-day training course for resort’s maintenance staff.

After our glass graffiti removal training, the Whistler staff successfully removed the damage—saving thousands of dollars in replacement costs. And the resort is now equipped to handle any future damage like pros.

Central Los Angeles High School #9

GlasWeld’s glass restoration techniques save new performing arts school in Los Angeles thousands of dollars.
Central Los Angeles High School #9, located in downtown Los Angeles, is an award-winning architectural marvel, due in part to the many large windows incorporated into the design. By virtue of the school’s proximity to the theater and music companies of the Los Angeles Music Center, the Colburn School of Performing Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Walt Disney Concert Hall, it is a comprehensive high school with a focus in dance, music, theater, and visual arts.

A crystalline public lobby creates the entryway and faces downtown Los Angeles, so damage to the large windows in this area would definitely be difficult to hide. During the construction process these large gable windows became damaged with both scratches and welding slag from surrounding metal beams.


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