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June 5, 2015

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Theaters of Operation

Worldwide Australia Middle East Afghanistan Iraq Libya

Wherever it's mission-critical, we're mission-ready

UPS routinely delivers vital, time-sensitive U.S. government and Department of Defense shipments worldwide. Our commitment to logistics helps the U.S. successfully conduct mission-critical humanitarian efforts and military operations across the globe.

"Amateurs study strategy; professionals study logistics." — U.S. General of the Army Omar Bradley


Over $750 million of aids medication delivered worldwide since 2005 for the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

  1. Africa: $678M
  2. Asia: $52M
  3. Latin America: $26M
Middle East

Retrograde logistics 555, 000 pounds of helicopter blades in 12 months plus gear boxes and engines for Aviation and Missile Command

Kuwait > Texas

"Logistics is the art of moving armies." — Carl Philipp Gottfried, von Clausewitz


Shipped small arms for a U.S. Army training exercise

Hawaii > Australia


From 2009 to 2012, UPS sent nearly 147, 000 multimodal shipments of supplies weighing 136 million pounds

Heaviest piece of equipment moved: a 44-ton crane

U.S. > Turkey > Azerbaijan > Turkmenistan > Afghanistan

"The line between disorder and order lies in logistics..." — Sun Tzu


From 2009 to 2012, UPS sent nearly 32, 000 shipments of supplies weighing 70 million pounds or roughly the total cargo displacement of one Bob Hope-Class LMSR Navy Cargo Ship

U.S./Europe > Iraq

"Forget logistics, you lose." — U.S. Army Lieutenant General Tommy Franks


Contingency shipment of 336 skids of Class I Halal meals weighing 193, 000 pounds for the Department of State for humanitarian relief

United Arab Emirates > Libya

Medical Supplies

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