Custom shipping containers

February 23, 2016

For Sale or Rent

custom boxTypical Uses: Equipment Labs, Mobile Workshops, Monitoring Stations, Work Camps, Commercial Container Living Quarters, Container Offices, Training Facilities, Training Villages.

You have unique needs. We have unique boxes.

Falcon Structures works with customers that have container projects that involve multiple containers and a high level of customization. Typically these projects involve tens or hundreds of repurposed shipping containers and very exacting specifications.

custom shipping containerBefore picking up the first physical tool, Falcon's team of Engineering & Design professionals work with customers through an extensive engineering and design process. This ensures that the end product is what the customer originally envisioned, and helps to think through all of the engineering & design details. This process also enables Falcon to lend its expertise of having repurposed thousands of containers in the past ten years, and provide ideas that help the customer reach their objectives.

Also, Falcon keeps the customer informed of how the project is moving vs. the timelines that have been set through a thorough Project Management system.customized container This allows customers to easily track the progress and have certainty around the production process.

The end result is a multi-container project that is what the customer envisioned, delivered on-time, and on-budget.

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