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June 2, 2015

Magento and FedEx Dimensional

The FedEx Web Services link.This guide explains how to set up a FedEx developer account and integrate it into your Bigcommerce store in order to serve your shoppers shipping quotes for FedEx services. See Resources for Shipping with FedEx for more information about service limits, rate calculation, and troubleshooting common issues and errors.

Getting your FedEx Account Details

1. Go to the and click on FedEx Web Services (located under Home on the left-hand side).

2. Click the Move to Production link.

3. Click on the Get Production Key that appears under the production menu.

4. On the following page, you will see a license agreement. Check the boxes indicating that you have read and agree to the terms of service, then click I Accept.

Move to Production button under the Web Services section of the FedEx Solution Finder

5. Fill out the application profile on the following screen. Choose:

  • Do you intend to resell your software: No
  • FedEx web services you intend to use: Check FedEx Web Services for Shipping
  • Are you a corporate developer or a consultant: Choose Corporate Developer

Click Continue when you are done.

6. You will be brought to another license agreement. Read the terms and conditions and click I accept when you are finished.

7. Now you will need to fill out your contact information. Please note that you cannot have any special characters within the address fields. Watch out for ".", "#", or other non-number or non-letter characters as it may cause a failure. Click Continue when you are done.

Get Production Key button under the production menu of the FedEx Solution FinderYour Account Number can be found by logging into your FedEx account and going to My Profile › Account Management.

8. If you wish to update your developer account with the information, check the box on the next screen, and click the Continue button.

9. You will now see your Access confirmation. This information, which includes the Authentication Key, will not be accessible later unless you contact FedEx support; we recommend that you print this page for your records.

10. In the email associated with your FedEx account, you should now have received an email from Online Services with the subject line, "Your developer Production Key Registration is complete". It contains your Production Password, FedEx Account Number, and Production Meter Number. Use this production password as your password in the following step, not the one you created to access the FedEx account.

Check that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions in the license agreement, and acknowledge that you will not distribute software with the same functionality. The Application Profile screen. Accept the terms and conditions outlined in the license agreement Fill out the contact information form, avoiding the use of any special characters. Click continue when done.

Freight Shipping, Freight Quotes, Shipping 855-QUEST-US
Freight Shipping, Freight Quotes, Shipping 855-QUEST-US
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