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July 17, 2016

Had to get some bars shipped

Check your email for your USPS usernameThis article walks you through setting up our older real time shipping quote integration with USPS. New stores can use USPS by Endicia to serve real time USPS quotes, as well as optionally purchase postage and print shipping labels from the control panel.

Signing Up for a USPS Web Tools Account

1. Go to the USPS Web Tools registration page.

2. Enter your details and submit your registration request. You'll receive a confirmation message stating an email has been sent to you containing your login information.

3. Check your email for a message from USPS with the subject line "Important USPS Web Tool Registration Notice". Inside, you'll find your USPS username, which you'll need later when connecting your account to your Bigcommerce store.

If USPS says that you need to perform tests before they can switch you to the production server, inform them that you are using a shopping cart called Bigcommerce.

Enabling USPS Web Tools

1. Go to Settings › Store Setup › Shipping.

In some versions of the control panel, this is located under Setup & Tools › Set up your store › Shipping.

2. Edit the shipping zone you want to add the USPS Web Tools to, or create a new zone by clicking Add Country.

3. Scroll down to Real Time Shipped Quotes, and toggle the switch for USPS to on.

4. In the popup window that appears, click the Connection tab. Enter the USPS username you got in . Set USPS Server to Production Server.

5. Click the Settings tab. Change the Display name, if desired (you may leave it as USPS). Select which delivery services you'd like to offer.

6. Save your changes.

We recommend adding physical dimensions (width, height and depth) for your products. Some real-time shipping providers require these in order to provide your customers with an accurate shipping quote during checkout. Typically, the narrowest dimension should be set as the factoring dimension in your physical dimension settings.

Set the Package Type to Large to ensure that dimensional information is included when generating quotes.


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Freight Shipping, Freight Quotes, freight company, 855 ...
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Discount Freight Shipping, freight quotes, freight ...
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