International shipping Services

August 18, 2016


Hand TruckBellair picks up your package and hand-carries it to a specified destination, anywhere in the world.


Exclusive use of cargo aircraft, from a small prop, to a private jet or helicopter, or even a 747, all available within hours of your call.

Same-Day / First Flight Out

Your shipments are picked up by Bellair and placed on the next available flight to your destination, where a courier is waiting to deliver your shipment upon arrival.

9 AM or Earlier

Why should you wait until midmorning or later to have your shipments delivered? With Bellair, your shipments can be at their destination when you decide.

Overnight Air

Shipments of anything from envelopes to skids are picked up by Bellair and delivered to your specified destination the next day, and all at competitive rates.

2nd-Day Air

When it's not critical for your shipment to arrive the next day, 2nd-day air is a cost-effective option.

3-5 Day Deferred

Still another cost-effective option when sending non-urgent shipments.

Courier Service

Door-to-door express services for non-dutiable (documents) shipments. One to two-day transit to most major cities worldwide at competitive prices.

International Express Cargo

Time-critical material is driven directly to the airport and consigned to the first available flight out.

International Standard

For shipments where regular international service is sufficient, this cost-effective option includes air transportation to any worldwide destination on a timely basis.

International Remail

A Bellair representative picks up your mail and delivers it to the local Bellair Expediting Remail Center. From there, your mail is sorted and sent via airlines to the proper international channels, and delivered days earlier than it would be normally.

Delivery Duty Paid

Bellair will pick up your shipment from any location you desire and deliver it to any destination worldwide. Our network of overseas agents clears shipments through customs and delivers them directly to the consignee's door. All clearance, delivery, duty and taxes can be billed back to you at your request.


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International Shipping, Moving and Relocation Services ...
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