UPS International shipping options

July 30, 2017

At The UPS Store of Highland

Expand Your Reach and Win New Markets

Crossing borders means cutting through some red tape, but it's nothing you can't handle. There are technologies that can help you track changes to frequently-updated customs regulations and tariffs. And if you're not sure where to start, we can help.

We can give you insight into fast-growing international markets, helping you ship confidently, widen your customer base, and drive more sales.

Reliable and Efficient, All Around the World

No matter what you're shipping-or to which corner of the world-we can help you get it there safely and on time. We deliver to more than 220 countries and territories, and as one of the world's largest customs brokers, we can help you navigate trade intricacies, maintain compliance, and keep your shipments moving through customs and across borders.

Find the International Shipping Tools You Need-Free

Free International Shipping ToolsOur free, online tools can help you steer clear of customs compliance issues and reduce your time to market.

Use UPS TradeAbility® to estimate total shipping costs, access international forms, find harmonized system codes (HS codes), and identify restricted individuals and companies.

Sign up for UPS Paperless®Invoice, and we'll electronically submit commercial invoices to Customs offices for you. Electronic invoices cut the risk of errors and lost paperwork; let Customs start processing shipments sooner; save money normally spent on paper; and reduce your impact on the environment.

Manage Costs and Minimize Delays from Overseas Vendors

UPS Import Control gives you the ability to create your vendors' shipping labels and commercial invoices. You select the carrier, speed, and service you want-then confirm the information is error-free.


The Vaping Biker, IPV, Sigelei, Shipping options, Vapers
The Vaping Biker, IPV, Sigelei, Shipping options, Vapers ...
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