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September 22, 2023

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17 Awesome Ways to Use Shipping Containers

Check out these awesome ways you can ‘go green’ and use retired shipping containers in your own creative way! We’ve done some research and picked out the 17 coolest ideas for repurposing shipping containers. These modified container projects are not only kind to our beautiful earth, but they can be used in many unique ways that you may have not even knew were possible!

1. Barnhouse from Shipping Containers

Do you ever think about the constant fire hazard the hay around your barn may cause?

The fire resistant nature of a steel container is capable of containing the fire without burning the whole barn down. Cargo containers are also wind and watertight so if you live in an area that has a high risk for storms or tornados, this is a perfect option for you!

2. Shipping Container Beach House

Use a shipping container to make your beach house stand out – incorporate an artistic drawing or use custom paint colors to add a rustic flare or a bright and sunny color to create a vibe that feels right for you. And if you live on a beach or a place with high storm/ hurricane threats, a custom container is a great way to protect your home and belongings.

Shipping Container BeachhouseShipping containers are made to withstand years of harsh sea conditions, so you won’t have to worry about your container house being torn apart in a sudden natural disaster. Now that’s staying ahead of the game!

3. Container Deck

Here’s to the people that are sick and tired of having to constantly keep up with your backyard deck. Stop letting the carpenter bees make their hives in the wood and little critters make themselves comfortable on your deck.

With a deck made out of a shipping container, you can have two things in one: sustainable construction that’s protected from all the nonsense. These custom shipping containers are not a luxury spot for carpenter bees and critters to live and they’re easy to clean!

4. Adjustable Pop Up Container Shop

This custom container project is perfect for pop-up food trucks or other types of businesses that sell their items on the streets. You can style your shipping containers using sliding or adjustable doors to fit your desired shop, making your business that more unique. This simplistic but intricate design expresses the originality of what container architecture holds.

Container DecksDesigned by Adam Kalkin and Illy in 2007, the 8-foot x 20-foot container cafe is in Venice, Italy. This innovative shipping container cafe expresses the “connection to beauty through art and design” and is operated on four motors that open and lower the sides of the container. Lowering the sides of the container provides more space and enhances the experience. The container space includes a living room, a kitchen that is surrounded by a bedroom and bath, a dining area, and a library in the center.

5. Schools Made Out of Recycled Containers

If you are in an area that’s on a tight budget to build a school for your community, these custom shipping containers are extremely reasonable!

And if high winds or tornadoes are a factor in your school district, these shipping containers are perfect for tornado shelters! Now that’s using our resources wisely!

popup container shop6. Table/ Chair from Shipping Containers

If you’re into the old fashion look of furniture, check this out! A refurbished table and chair made out of shipping containers. This is a fun way to jazz up your room while going green!

Don’t worry college students, it’ll take a lot more than a crazy house party to ruin this furniture! Or should I say “don’t worry parents!” Sturdy, long lasting, and artsy!

7. Swimming Pools from Containers

Customized shipping containers can be made into a swimming pool that the whole family can enjoy! With the proper adjustments, you can creatively design your own pool to fits your needs.

Container pools can easily hold as much water as you want since shipping containers range from 10ft – 53ft lengths. You can also attach multiple containers together to widen or lengthen your pool.

Get craft with the way configure your container pool together or paint the bottom of the pool whatever color you want!

8. Backyard Container Patio

Turn a shipping container into a patio for a cozy place to relax while enjoying the fresh air right in your backyard.

Modify your backyard container patio by installing windows that you can leave completely open to ease your mind with the breeze and warm sun.

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