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August 13, 2023

Professional Nail Art

MasterPaks Art Shipping Boxes offer plywood strength without the weight, cost and shipping expense.

Every MasterPak comes with three layers of foam protection in a strong, humidity resistant corrugated container.

MasterPaks are also available with hard ABS Puncture-Guard Liners affixed to the inside, top and bottom of the box. Liners ensure extra safety for the shipping of valuable artwork.

The foam protection includes one perforated layer sandwiched between two layers of convoluted (egg carton) foam. Easily customize the middle layer by removing enough perforated squares to form an opening snugly encases the artwork. Multiple layers provide superior shock absorption.

MasterPaks provide an inexpensive and resuable art shipping container suitable for land and air transit, with excellent damage survival qualities to withstand the rigors of ground, truck and air courier handling.

MasterPaks are available in Premium and Standard quality levels.
Atlas Identifies
The Premium Line

The Premium lines are carefully engineered to combine the highest quality components available anywhere. They incorporate the strongest grades of Corrugated and highest quality Foams as described herein and are represented by our new Atlas logo. Corrugated material is available in literally thousands of possible variations in board constructions, flute sizes, and shapes, basis weights of its liners and mediums, and adhesives. In the final analysis, the most important resulting element is its Strength. MasterPaks are made of 350 Lb and 500 Lb Burst Test Doublewall corrugated.
Standard Grade
MasterPaks come in 44 ECT Test Single-Wall and 61 ECT double-wall.

is measured in two different ways. The Bursting Test (sometimes called Mullen) measures the force, in pounds per square inch, required to burst or puncture the corrugated board. This test provides a measure of the corrugated's ability to withstand the rough handling which may be encountered - particularly in small package distribution channels such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, and LTL trucking.

The ECT Test measures Stacking capability - in terms of force required to crush a sample of corrugated standing on edge - an indicator of the force required to cause a container to collapse. It is particularly relevant to situations in warehouses, railcars and large trailers where full cartons are stacked high upon one another.

- the quality of polyurethane foam in expressed in terms of its Density and IFD. Density affects foam durability and support - the higher the Density, the better it will retain its original properties. Most foam densities range from .9 to 2.5 pfc (lbs per cubic foot). IFD (Indentation Force Deflection) is a measure of the foam's firmness. The higher the measure, the firmer and more durable the foam - and the longer it retains its resilience. IFD measurements range from 10 to 80 lbs.

For Proper Fitting and Safety Refer to the Maximum Frame Sizes recommended for each size MasterPak in the first column of the Ordering Information Chart under dimensions. You can see the safety margin allowed by subtracting the Max Frame dimensions from the Box Interior dimensions in the next column to the right.

NOTE: More than one framed artwork in each box is not recommended.

Mixed Case Pack
Case Pack

Order 5 or more MasterPaks of ANY size and style (Premium, Standard Lined or Unlined). A 10% discount will be reflected in the shopping cart.


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