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September 21, 2015

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HobbyKing have slashed their new EMS prices back to former levels. Whether this was a result of a strong public backlash or whether the problem was simply a mistake remains unclear.

HobbyKing has recently hiked its prices for shipping goods to a number of countries using EMS.

Initially it was thought that this was simply a case of passing on price-rises created by EMS themselves but a bit of sleuthing by RCModelReviews indicates that this is not the case at all.

Take the example of Mexico for instance...

The price disparity for a Mexico-bound package weighing 1.1Kg is even worse when you choose HobbyKing's EMS shipping: the HKPost site quoting a figure of just US$35.25 while HobbyKing charge the customer an incredible US$93.48.

Customers want to know where the difference (some US$58.23) is going.

Strangely enough, EMS rates to the USA seem unaffected by HobbyKing's massive new "surcharge".

If you're interested in checking the disparity between what HobbyKing pays for EMS shipping and what they're charging you, use the HKPost EMS (aka "SpeedPost") pricing calculator and compare it to the figures quoted on HobbyKing's Live Postage cost table.

New Zealand and Australian customers are similarly (but not quite so severely) affected by these surcharges.

So far it's been 24 hours since RCModelReviews raised this issue on HobbyKing's own discussion forums and surprisingly, there has been absolutely no official response. I'd prefer to put this down to a clerical stuff-up but only time will tell what (if any) explanation is forthcoming.

Source: www.rcmodelreviews.com

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