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November 20, 2015

This nice 20 ft shipping

How to Buy a Shipping ContainerBuilding a structure from scratch takes time and effort, while shipping containers provide a quick and easy way to create sustainable homes, dens, community centers, offices, or storage facilities. According to stylish consumer shelter magazine, Dwell, even a single unit offers sufficient space for a charming guesthouse.

Outwardly, the structure looks like an average house trailer, but it is much stronger. Learning more about the types of containers available helps consumers get the most from this eco-friendly way of recycling a useful resource.

Shipping Container Overview

The U.S. imports more cargo than it exports, and transporting empty containers back to their place of origin can be costly. This means there are many shipping containers in port areas that become available for purchase.

While they are not necessarily the cheapest option when compared to traditional construction methods, they offer a quick way to build a robust structure, as well as providing extremely secure storage. Most shipping containers transport goods on transoceanic voyages, so they are extremely sturdy. Made of metal, they are both weather and fire resistant.

Shipping Container Types

Shipping containers are available in various sizes, but the most common are 8 feet wide by 8.5 feet tall and come in two lengths: 20 feet, weighing around 5, 000 pounds, and 40 feet weighing around 8, 000 pounds. Most ship goods overseas and domestically, but there are containers used only within the U.S. made from steel or aluminum.

Shipping Container Type

Original Use



Perishable goods, such as fruit, vegetables, and meat

Stainless steel interior

T-section floor for drainage

Temperature range of -12 degrees Fahrenheit to 77 degrees Fahrenheit

More expensive than other types

Non-operational refrigerated container

T-section floor

Protects contents from high and low temperatures

Dry freight

Long term storage of bulky goods

Marine-grade corten steel

Treated timber flooring

Double doors

Vermin proof

Open top

Tall, bulky, or heavy cargo

High-strength corten steel

Top-loading capability

Flat rack

Cargo that exceeds the dimensions of other containers


Flat bed with fixed or collapsible ends

High-loading capacity frame


Factors to Consider when Buying a Shipping Container

Before purchasing a shipping container, consumers should check local building codes and consider the final location for the container. They should also understand the various conditions available so they do not pay more than necessary.


Used Shipping Containers for Sale in Houston - 281-703-5062
Used Shipping Containers for Sale in Houston - 281-703-5062
Become a Partner with CMG! - Shipping Containers for Sale
Become a Partner with CMG! - Shipping Containers for Sale
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