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March 6, 2023

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about renting CHEP reusable shipping and storage containers for liquid and dry materials. Learn the many ways that our container solutions can benefit your business. Whether you need to increase efficiencies, track your fleet effectively, or simply ship your materials safely, we have the solutions you need. For more information on the benefits of renting reusable shipping containers for liquid and dry materials, as well as our container tracking services, read the questions and answers below.

1. Why use reusable plastic shipping containers?

RECYCLE … at the end of the asset’s life and reduce waste.

REDUCE … expendable packaging by-products with a reusable material handling fleet.

REUSE … plastic shipping containers and totes hundreds of times as they make their journey through the supply chain. When minor damage occurs, CHEP repairs and maintains the assets to prolong the fleet’s useful life.

2. Why lease or rent reusable shipping and storage containers for liquids?

To save precious capital for your core business! When you rent or lease shipping containers and equipment from CHEP Pallecon Solutions, you gain valuable time to concentrate on the growth of your business. If you need equipment in a hurry, CHEP maintains a large fleet for short-term rentals. Advantages:

  • Save precious capital
  • Save warehouse space
  • Save repositioning costs

3. How can CHEP save me money?

By eliminating the need for separate pallets and disposal fees, reducing packaging costs, and providing an option to rent rather than purchase reusable shipping containers. CHEP Pallecon Solutions can reduce your overall supply chain costs by up to 25%!

4. Why track reusable shipping containers?

Container tracking software allows you to manage fleet dwell times, account for damage and reduce equipment loss. CHEP-TRAC enables customers to account for assets anytime, anywhere. Information is the key to managing supply chains more efficiently, and CHEP’s proprietary system has stood the test of time. By using CHEP-TRAC, customers have reduced the overall number of reusable shipping containers in their fleet, while increasing units shipped per truckload. In short, container tracking software helps you keep track of your bulk liquid shipping containers and dry material containers easily and effectively.

5. How reliable is your pay per use service?

All of our reusable shipping containers are bar-coded and tracked via hand-held scanners to maximize efficiency and avoid inventory management issues. Scanning technology is provided at no additional cost.

6. How quickly can reusable shipping containers be sent to me?

If reusable shipping containers for your liquid shipping needs are available in any of our warehouses nationwide, we can provide them to you within one day.

7. What is your required rental period term?

The minimum rental period is 30 days, with no maximum rental period. CHEP Pallecon Solutions will discuss your specific need and determine the best service for you.

8. How does CHEP work?

Since a picture says a thousand words, below is one customer scenario.

How CHEP Works graphic

9. Why CHEP Pallecon Solutions?

CHEP Pallecon Solutions has over fifteen years of experience and provides exceptional container management service you deserve! 96% of current customers are repeat CHEP users. Contact us today to learn how to make the most of your reusable shipping containers.

10. Are CHEP reusable plastic shipping containers really “sustainable?” Are they really better for the environment and companies’ bottom lines?


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