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August 10, 2016

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Shipping overseas? Find the rates to and from locations across the globe.

From Asia to the U.S., OD provides 100% shipment visibility-absolute rate per cubic meter, absolute delivery date, and complete port-to-door tracking. This is our Pacific Promise™!

Need it there faster? OD provides Expedited LTL and TL services throughout North America. View our shipping rates on expedited shipments.

Receive freight rate quotes by entering shipping information. (You must be logged into to use this option.)

OD can provide Expedited and Truckload services to all of North America. This tool allows you to check shipping rates on expedited shipments.

Search by account and number of days for a list of saved Rate Reference numbers.

You'll see that OD Household Services offers you a smarter, more cost-efficient way to move your household from one location to another. It's Self-Moving Services that Deliver.

View the 100 Rules Tariff in a PDF document or view a specific Item within this 100 Rules Tariff. This 100 Rules Tariff is also referred to as 'OD Rules 100' or 'ODFL 100 Rules Tariff'.

OD offers the best volume-freight-shipping service possible between the contiguous United States and Alaska and Hawaii.

OD and special transportation-services-products give freight and cargo shipping clients even more options. Obtain your rate estimate here for OD’s truckload service.

SMC Software provides online reservations and ticketing technology.

View other tariff rules in PDF documents.

Old Dominion's Security Divider Service provides guaranteed, locked-in security for nose-loaded special or uncrated non-containerized freight. Your freight is locked securely into place on a trailer at its origin, and is not unlocked until it reaches its final destination.


Exporters welcome lower freight bills as shipping rates
Exporters welcome lower freight bills as shipping rates ...
Freight Shipping
Freight Shipping
Freight Rates
Freight Rates
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