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April 17, 2017

Shipping Container Home Design

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Re: 40ft HICUBE Container Concept House Project
@Emmanuel: No problem! I understand these things happen.

@Hans: Thanks for updating and sharing your container house. Very nice! The spacious design allows a lot of natural light to get in, which I discovered is very important in these type of homes. Compact housing is quite a challenge. Making tight spaces livable, is not as easy as it first seems. The other day a friend challenged me to design a container house which allows for handicap access . now that's gonna take some innovative ideas!

When you mentioned you updated this file from your archive of designs, I felt inspired once more to finish off a few missing details on one of my first shipping container projects from May 2011 - a 40ft HiCube + 2x8ft modular design that sleeps 10 (!!) and folds up into the 40ft container for transport. I've begun presenting images from that project in my next post.

@mdi: Thank you for taking a look at my container house! Yes, storage is very important in small spaces - I shall put more consideration into it. This particular design is a bit of a "splurge" - a mini-mansion if you will. I started out with the intention of connecting a 2nd 40ft HiCube container, and possibly a 20ft container as well. The kitchen you see here is actually a Bar. I opted to make it into a kitchette, with a service hatch to the outside (or into the 2nd container), when I decided to make the unit a self-contained home in it's own right.

40ft HICUBE Container Concept House Project (Update)

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