Removal: packing rules

June 12, 2020

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Moving is a very complicated and troublesome business, the proper preparation for which is a great art. Most often, if a person approaches the move without due attention and precautionary measures, something must break or be lost during this event. In order for the move not to turn into a subsequent calculation of losses, it is necessary to learn how to pack things correctly.

Do not start packing with fragile items and utensils. First, you need to pack durable things: books, linen (bedding and ordinary) and clothes: your modest church dresses, suits, casual t-shirts etc. Then the dishes and other fragile things are packed. Pack furniture and all available household appliances last.

All those things that are of particular value to a person: jewelry, cash and important documents, must be packaged separately from all other property and, of course, be kept strictly with you. This requirement also applies to the most essential drugs.

The weight of the box with things should not exceed 30 kilograms, but most often it is not possible to weigh it. In this case, to determine the weight and transportability of the box, the rule of thumb is applied: if the box cannot be moved with the thumb of the hand, it should be lightened somewhat and some part of the things put into it should be removed.

In order to pack things as quickly as possible and without unnecessary stress, you must adhere to a certain packing order. First of all, for ease of packaging, it is necessary to collect things from the shelves of cabinets and mezzanines. Put bedding, clothes, towels in bags for packing things. Those bags where towels and bed linen are packed must be carefully signed and made so that they are at hand. Bed linens and towels are needed first. Shoes and clothes must be packed in large travel bags and suitcases.

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