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April 15, 2023

Link Audit Services

Rewind SEO provides a powerful but affordable 20 day service to remove links. We aim to provide a powerful but affordable outreach service, able to handle large quantities of removal requests while retaining a high Remove Links with Rewind SEO quality of work and therefore, good success rates.

– Each link removal request is addressed to the webmaster by name, decreasing the likelihood they discard it as spam.

– All work is documented in multiple ways down to the exact copy of each email message, which is permanently saved serverside. Better documented work means a more convincing reconsideration request.

– Requests are sent from a custom email address we use from your domain. This assures each webmaster that the request is genuine and not a malicious request from a competitor.

– Efficiency of semi-automated processes allow for far lower prices than any fully manual link removal service but with equal or even greater quality. Don’t take our word for it, check the competition. If you find a better deal with apparently equal or higher quality practices, let us know.

Don’t be mislead by our low price. We do the EXACT same thing as full manual link removal, but faster, more efficiently, and with better records. We have BETTER REMOVAL RATES, BETTER QUALITY, and BETTER DOCUMENTATION than fully manual removal services we have used before, that charge over 5 times more for the same work!

1. Bad Link List

We must first have a list of links that need removal. This can be a custom list from you, your client, or else from the list of bad links we have already identified through our All-Angles .

2. Setup Outreach Email Address

As stated above, for our link removal service we will require the use of an email address on your domain (e.g. We can set this up if you provide us with your web host information or you can provide us with the email account and connection details. This requirement is in order to prevent abuse (like removing competitor links) and also assuring each webmaster of this same fact which improves removal rates. We recommend this be a new email address that will not be used for anything else, since it could be receiving a number of messages and inquiries during the course of the project. This address can be created through your site’s web host panel (like cpanel). If you are creating the email address, this is the info we’ll need:

Email Address and Password

Incoming Mail Server Address and Port (We can find this if you don’t know)

Outgoing Mail Server Address and Port

*Note: this is the same info that Microsoft Outlook or any email client uses

The next steps in the removal process are done entirely by us.

3. Identify Link Contacts

We identify webmaster contact emails and website contact forms, as well as other information including name, address, phone number and more. We only use email for our campaign though we provide all contact info we find for your information. Sometimes there will be multiple email addresses and we may need to use all them in the project.

4. Personalized Requests to Remove Links

As stated previously, each request to remove a link is addressed to the webmaster by name wherever applicable. Date, site, and of course actual linking URLs are also included in the message. This degree of personalization increases the chances of each webmaster actually reading the message and taking action to remove the links, rather than discarding it as spam.

5. Project Documentation

This is the most thorough part of the service. Good documentation is important for any reconsideration request. Here is some of what is included:

a) Comprehensive 4-page Excel sheet listing the full campaign timeline with every event, all found contact information, contact form URLs, emails sent (linking to actual email copy, date, and mailserver details), full summary with percentage of links cleaned up, and much more.

b) Online copy of the documentation as a Google Docs Spreadsheet intended for submission as part of the Google reconsideration request.

c) Optional disavow list of all attempted domains with email message and removal documentation in comments under each respective domain entry.

Removal Rates

$70 Fixed Price

Up to 3500 links on 500 domains

FAQ for Removing Links

When is it Necessary to Remove Links?

Link removal for unnatural or spam links is usually required to pass a reconsideration request. There are special cases (like clear negative SEO) where you may not be required to remove links if they are instead disavowed. But usually the Google webspam team is going to require at least a good faith effort (meaning documentation of the removal project) with some successful link removals before passing a reconsideration request.


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